If you need to perform an initial fill or a refill, you can watch the videos below or follow our step by step instructions further down the page. The Wrist dispenser can be filled with either a 20cc syringe plus an adaptor that is inserted into the nozzle (shown in the video below) or 12cc tipped curve syringe shown in the pictures below. The fill/refill tool is included in your order.

If you pour sanitizing gel into a cup to allow filling the syringe, please pour the remaining gel immediately back into the bottle and seal the bottle. Do not use exposed sanitizer since the Isopropyl alcohol has evaporated reducing the sanitizer efficacy and solidifying the gel.

If you have the refiller with detachable nozzle watch this video
If you have the refiller with curved nozzle watch this video

1. Use the curved tip syringe.

2. Slowly draw 10cc of gel sanitizer fluid. You may need to tilt the bottle or pour some gel sanitizer into a cup.

3. Cannulate the nozzle by separating the nozzle outlet. Insert the syringe into the nozzle while twisting the insertion tip left and right few times while pushing the syringe into the nozzle.

4. Slowly inject the syringe content. Repeat maximum of 3 times if the dispenser is empty.

5. When done seal the nozzle with one hand and empty the nozzle chamber content into the dispenser.

6. Fold the nozzle into the inner wristband and slide the wristband over your hand, while keeping the nozzle folded. To sanitize your hands place the nozzle to face the palm of the hand.

7. With the nozzle facing the palm of the hand compress the wristband with the back of the opposing hand (to avoid contamination of the wristband). Avoid hard compression. Once the nozzle chamber has filled with few drops on the hand no further compression is needed.

8. Instinctively most people likely to compress with the thumb or fingers. Since contamination is most often at the inner surface of the hand, the user should avoid touching the wristband once the hands were sanitized.

9. With the wristband compression the dosing nozzle is now full. Empty the content of the nozzle chamber with a figure swipe towards the palm of your hand.

10. Tuck the nozzle under the wristband

11. Thoroughly sanitize your hands. Allow the hands to dry before touching anything.